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Auto Insurance for Florida Drivers

Driving a vehicle is a privilege that all people need to take seriously. For anyone that gets behind the wheel in Florida, knowing your requirements for auto insurance coverage is very important. There are a variety of factors that will influence the type of coverage that you should have on your vehicle. Having the right level and type of coverage will provide you with excellent protection and help you to comply with the law.

State Requirements

When you own and register a vehicle in Florida, you will be expected to carry auto insurance at all times. Similar to other states, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has minimum levels of liability coverage that you need to carry. In Florida, you will need to have property damage liability, PDL, coverage of at least $10,000 plus personal injury protection, PIP, of an additional $10,000. Depending on your driving history, you may also be required to carry bodily injury coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive

While getting the insurance requirements in place that will help you to comply with the Florida DMV laws is essential, you will also want to make sure that your vehicle is adequately protected. The minimum liability coverage in Florida will only protect the other drivers and will not give any coverage to you or your vehicle. If you have a car loan or have a valuable vehicle, getting collision and comprehensive coverage is very beneficial. This will protect you and your vehicle against a variety of different losses including theft, vandalism, and auto accidents.

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