Florida RV Insurance coverage

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For people that are in the state of Florida, one of the best ways to get around the state and enjoy the fantastic scenery is to get an RV and tour the land. When you are purchasing a new or used RV, you also need to remember that it is a very valuable asset that needs to be appropriately protected by insurance. Several factors should be considered when you get RV insurance coverage.

State Requirements for Liability

Just like when you are driving a car in Florida, you will be required by law to carry liability insurance coverage on your RV. For those that are driving in Florida, carrying a policy that provides at least $10,000 in property damage coverage and $20,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident is a necessity. While this is the bare minimum in the state, it will not provide any coverage for your RV if it is damaged or stolen.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

In almost all situations, it would be beneficial to have collision and comprehensive coverage on your RV. When you have this type of coverage on your RV, you will receive the coverage that you need to replace or repair the RV if it is damaged, vandalized, stolen, or involved in an accident. In many situations, you will also be required to have this type of coverage on your Florida RV if you had to take out a loan to purchase it.

If you are in Florida and have an RV, you should speak with the team at Fagan & Michaud Insurance Agency, Inc. to discuss your needs. When you meet with the team at Fagan & Michaud Insurance Agency, Inc., you will receive guidance as to what type of policy you should get and the levels of coverage that you need. This can help you to find the correct coverage for your situation.